The MATHETICS smart survey app connects to open source software instruments: wordpress and limesurvey.
Limesurvey is the worldwide leading open source survey software which comes with connections to high professional and scientific statistics (such as SPSS for Higher Education). Limesurvey is highly multilingual.
The MATHETICS smart survey app transfers this powerful software into mobile “on the fly” surveys, for instance, to find out what is happening in informal learning at work, in volunteering or in interesting process-oriented research situations.
Apart from the direct (and maybe unbiased) survey options the MATHETICS smart survey app may help you to facilitate quick assessments, to validate informal learning settings and even to connect the surveys to professional (scientific) research.
In early 2020 we are using the app in a German research project and in a pilot in Belgium and we will increasingly use it in the framework of our learning and research projects.

We are still looking for Beta tester institutions. If you are interested please get in contact with us via